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Jedox Stats update

On Juni 8, 2017, Posted by , In Allgemein, With 1 Comment

It has been a while ago since I refurbished the „Jedox-Stats“ application for Naked data back in Australia (find the old version and blog entry here). I have been recently asked by a Jedox user if I could update the application to version 7. As you may know things have changed quite a bit within the last two versions of Jedox and it’s worth having a look at.

Anyway I took some time and made all the changes needed to bring „Jedox-Stats“ to life again on version 7. Please be aware that I also reworked on some other parts of the application. So you might want to read this through before installing the package.

In the installation package you will find 2 files. One is the web report and the other is the Jedox Integrator project. Previously there has been a copy of the database as well. This is no longer needed. All components will now be build up by the ETL job.

If you want to update/install the application „Jedox-Stats“ there are only a few simple steps required:

  1. upload the „Jedox-Stats.xml“ file to the Integrator
  2. upload the Performance+Dashboard.wss file to your desired location in Report Designer
  3. publish the report (if you replace the existing file this step can be skipped)
  4. only existing installations: delete rules from cube OLAP and cube Login_Unique
  5. Open the Performance Dashboard in Reports and press „Run Stats“.
    ATTN: Please note the default mode has been changed to „insert“ instead of „update“ as log files are slightly different in v7 and not compatible with previous versions. Therefore I highly recommend to clean your log folder during the upgrade process to Jedox V7. Old log entries will not be imported any more and mode update will delete those old entries from statistics!
  6. Enjoy the application

If you need help installing the application or want to report some bugs / features please use the contact form. I also offer to help you upgrading your current Jedox installation to version 7 based on individual quote.

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